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No. 1 Black Handmade Norozi

Leather Soul is collecting the traditional trends along with the latest styles. We have a wide and attractive collection of Norozi Chappal. It is our beautiful and comfortable product for your walk-in fashion class.

Norozi Chappal is our popular product in the fashion world, especially in regional class and modern. We have variety in our production units with flexible designing as our footwear. Norozi Chappal is our popular product. Our soft material leather footwear is easily available in sophisticated designs and sizes. It is a traditional article concerning a person, Noroz Khan, a resident of Quetta.

Traditions are always alive and welcoming. Noroz Khan manufactured the first Chappal and later he modified its further designing. That is why it is famous as Norozi Chappal.
We apply pure leather to manufacture it as fit as to your elegant footwear’s look. The uniqueness of this chappal is its style and class worldwide.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 13 cm




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