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Here’s how the journey got its start.

The parent company began as a small town. Originally founded in 2021, Leather Soul has been operating under the brand name GMD. The original store, which started as a small shop, always makes sure to encourage buyers to buy fine footwear. GMD was founded in 2014 and run by the owner, Mr. Ghulam Mohaiudin. The path towards being a brand is taking a turn as we expand our business by opening more locations. And then they started expanding to surrounding communities. The dream of one day becoming a brand was always in those glowing eyes. We’ve worked for decades on providing the best footing experience possible to our customers. Afterwards, we opened Leather World by GMD and operated it through 2020.
Customer service remains a top priority for us.

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How We See It

We are moving forward to the Digital World in the next decades. As Metaverse and other virtual worlds are ready to be introduced. Our vision is to make our brand industry standard. So we can make our place in this fast-running world of virtual reality. As we know about the changing trends of the market. We always look forward to operating the latest trends. We will be soon launching our virtual store where customers cannot only buy their dreams. And also can interact with the product itself by experiencing them in the virtual world.

The Story Behind Our Mission

Leather Soul itself is also a brand.
We’re making strides in showcasing our shoe critic skills to the online audience by offering shoe recommendation options on our website. And getting bits of advice about posture and taste for picking out the right items.